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There is no adult dating online site quite like WomenLookingForSex.co.uk, when it relates to identifying the hottest and horniest babes in the UK. These are ladies who do not stall, when it pertains to what they really want and how they really want it. Equally, you are seeking no strings attached liaisons, so are they. These ladies know how to take advantage of their sexuality.

Whichever dirty fantasias you can think of, these girls are ready and eager to fulfill them. WomenLookingForSex.co.uk is not a web site for fellas faint at heart, it is a site for men and women, more than willing to exchange their sex imaginations and meet compatible people.

The women here, are at the pinnacle of their sexual peak, and they are typically incredibly inviting and interested in new registered members. So if you are fed up with visiting the neighborhood watering hole, only to feel more lonely once inside, then you felt at home, then this is the community for you. We have a little something for every one in here.

We have ladies here from from all over the UK, with honestly only one thing in common: they are seeking casual, no strings attached sex activity. However, that is virtually all a guy could ask for, right?

Nothing to it, no headaches, just two persons showing a common interest in having a sexual experience.

Well, you have discovered what you are seeking out my good friend. The only risk you are running by signing up for our internet site, is feeling upset with not having enough time on your hands, in order to connect with all the wonderful, sexual females, that we are honored to introduce as registered members of our internet site.

WomenLookingForSex.co.uk is the UK’s leading adult dating online site for females and males seeking consensual, dirty sex. The erotic niches that can be found at this site include swingers, BBW and even mature, or even a perfect rendezvous with a wicked MILF! Register right now and receive the advantages of our extensive lineup of women, seeking to realise their sexual dreams, with compatible guys.

You know you would like to, so it is totally not necessary to defer the unavoidable. Join for free today and start dating tonight. It is as easy as that! (and then come back and read our blog!)

Case Study The 20Something NSA Files

We know what you’re thinking – there’s not a website like Women Looking For Sex that can be as good as they make it out to be? You may have seen the reviews and testimonials and been pleasantly surprised but still you were a bit skeptical… Is it really possible to sign up, browse, chat and meet someone that’s as up for no-strings-attached sex as you are in just a matter of hours?

Surely not?

We decided to take a closer look at the couple of the members on the site to see how they had gotten on with their NSA journey. We looked at three people – two guys and one girl. Are you ready to find out more…?

*We should warn you, things may get a little rude!*

Jessica was a 28 year old hairdresser and she had recently found herself single. Her ex cheated on her and left her with very little self confidence or esteem. Not really looking for a relationship, she was more in the ‘I need to get laid and get that asshole out of my system’ phase of the breakup… That’s where it all began!

“I went out one night with my girl-friends and met Ben. We had a few drinks together, hit it off, and he spent the night at mine. We had pretty awesome sex but didn’t swap numbers… I don’t even know his last name!”

This isn’t an isolated incident either… Once Jessica had bitten the NSA bullet, she had well and truly gotten the bug!

“I just found it easier – there was no pressure, no hassle. I wasn’t looking for love. I’m still getting over love. Sex was what I needed, and I got it! I signed up to WLFS after finding it on Google, and within half an hour of being on the site and finishing my profile, I had met a guy called FriNightFun… I don’t know his real name but we met up that night and it was EPIC!”

Samantha is another special someone that we felt deserved a little mention. She doesn’t want a relationship because she already has one, but her boyfriend works away a lot and is ALWAYS tired. Their sex life is less than exciting, if you get our drift…

She loves him and doesn’t want to give up on him because once he’s embarked on his career, things should settle down. She just wants someone to fill those Sunday night spaces where she’d normally be trying to screw him. She doesn’t want someone to spill the beans, and she definitely doesn’t want any feelings involved. She just wants sex – hot, passionate, action that’ll make her scream from the rooftops. That’s all she wants.

James is 29, soon to be 30, and admits that he is a bit of a ‘player’. He likes sleeping with women; multiple women. He doesn’t want the same girl two nights in a row and he thinks there are just too many fish in the sea right now.

He told us about the night he first joined WLFS. Within two hours of joining he had started a conversation with Natalie, and a couple of hours more, they were in a bar local to where they both lived, enjoying a few drinks. That night, they didn’t make it back to his or hers – they ended up getting wet and wild in a public park. It was a first for I’m and ticked another fantasy off his list – they haven’t seen each other since but James has told us that he’s ticked off no less than three more fantasies off the list since he’s joined the site.

That’s the thing about casual sex – you never where it might take you or what might happen. From horny nights in public parks to drunken, horny fumblings in the back of a taxi – you can get whatever it is that you are yearning for. Isn’t that worth a closer peek? ??

Find A Girl For Sex Without Leaving The House

The internet sure has brought us the best things in the world, hasn’t it? You’ve got social networking sites to show off and brag to your friends, online shopping so you can buy what you need from the comfort of your own couch and now it would appear that you can even guarantee yourself sex without even needing to change your pants…

Could it be too good to be true?

Sites like Women Looking For Sex have made dating and sex so much easier for guys all over the world. No longer do you need to go out, get hammered drunk, dance like an idiot, and pay for drinks on top of drinks for expensive girls that don’t put out at the end of the night anyway. It just feels like a lot of time and hassle with no grand finale. All in all, very disappointing.

Online websites designed for matching up horny men and wild women are a big hit within the circles of casual daters. Society would still see it as a bit of a taboo subject but despite this, it’s happening more and more often. It could be that guy you work with, that women that lives down the road, or the girl that works in the shop that serves you every morning – more and more people are becoming more experimental and this has lead to one thing…. Many more one night stands!

Adult fun is perfect for those that don’t have time for a relationship, can’t be bothered with a relationship, or are already in a relationship. No one needs to know – you sign up, have a browse, message someone you like the look of, and then meet up for a night of hot, passionate sex that your friends could only ever dream of.

That’s right – you get to live that life. You actually get to have those experiences!

There’s no need to put your hand in your pocket and pay for sex, or spend pounds on top of pounds plying girls with drinks in bars, when you could snap up a FREE registration to the website that will open thousands of opportunities for you. Who knows what girl you could happen to bump into on the site and end up screwing on the couch later. If you don’t believe that it could actually happen, just take a look at some of the success stories and testimonials on the site… This stuff actually happens!

In a recent study of over 2,000 women, over 80% of them openly admitted to having some form of casual sex, whether it was a one night stand, a web hookup, or a casual fling with a guy that they slept with, but had no intentions of chasing a relationship with. EIGHTY PERCENT! Do you know what that means for you – only 20% of your casual advances are likely to be completely rejected by women. Women want casual sex just as much as men do… perhaps even more.

In a world where women have more power, more money and more freedom, perhaps for the first time in history, they are doing everything that guys can do, except they can do it a lot better. Perhaps it’s time to take a closer look for yourself?

Girls NSA Dating What Its All About

Right ladies, it’s not just guys that admit to happily casually dating,and it’s about time that the women started to jump on the bandwagon and get in on the action. With more and more ladies becoming open about their wants, needs, and likes in the bedroom, it was about time that women started to live like men – both in the bedroom and out of it!

If you’re new to the world of adult NSA action, WLFS is the best website to start with. We have thousands of members for a start, and it’s easy to search too. If you don’t really want to be looking quite so close to him (for example, if you are married or just don’t want people to know what you’re getting up to), you could always set your search for a bit further away so that you can travel to your meeting point. You could always arrange to meet in the middle – more neutral ground? (Just make sure that someone knows where you are!)

There are a few pointers that will help you out in the world of NSA adult fun…. Are you ready?

Expect the unexpected!

Things will happen sometimes and you will seriously question why you are doing what you are doing. Remember that in the world of ‘regular’ dating you will have some horror stories – it’s not just adult, no-strings dates that it happens to!

Every now and again you are going to come up with a really ugly man that looks nothing like the profile pic you saw. You’ll come across tiny penises, and bent penises too. Always have an escape plan – have a friend call you at a certain time and use that as your escape. Or schedule a ‘fake call’ to happen – there are plenty of apps you can download for that.

Have some standards…

Right, how do we put this in the best way that we can… There are a lot of people on these sites. This means that there are a lot of potential matches. This means, in turn, that you can afford to be a bit picky… you know?

Don’t say yes to the first person that messages you. If you wouldn’t say yes to them in a packed nightclub on a Saturday night, don’t say yes to them now. Just because you are signed up doesn’t mean that you need to automatically say yes to any guy that dares to start up a conversation with you.

You can have standards here – you can say no to people that you don’t feel good around, or get bad vibes from. Don’t feel compelled to say yes just because you can.

Understand that THIS IS NOT A DATE

OK so technically, it is still a date but if you have met someone from WLFS and agree to meet up, don’t think about it as though it is a date. Don’t offer to take him back to yours after the night in the club for a ‘coffee’ if you’re not planning on sleeping with him. You don’t win any prizes for holding onto that golden ticket.
Don’t be a tease. If you’re meeting up and you’ve had a great time all night, don’t invite him back to yours only to kick him out again in an hour. Think about how bad that looks to him. If you’re not feeling it, tell him you’re to feeling it and end the night early. That’s all there is to it!

Guys How To Impress Your OneNightStand In Bed Tonight

Right, you’ve finally made the leap and joined up to WLFS. You’ve been chatting to a girl for a couple of hours and she says she likes you enough to meet up tonight… That’s where things start to get nerve-wracking, right? If this is the your first time, or your fifty-first time, it’s fine to still get butterflies in your stomach. Isn’t that what makes it all the more exciting? You never know quite what you’re going to get up to, or who you’re going to meet.

The good news is that women, in general, aren’t that difficult to impress when you have the right knowledge at your disposal. If you want to make a good impression with your potential date for one night only, take a peek at these great tips:

*Don’t go out with a loaded gun!*

Right, you’re planning on getting laid tonight. That’s the whole point of the evening, right? You know that you are going to be naked with that hot girl so the last thing you want is to come to climax too quickly. Do yourself a favour – sort yourself out before you go out on the date. Give yourself a few minutes extra in the shower, if you get my drift…

Speaking of which –

*Make sure you have a shower!*

Don’t go out with sweaty balls. If you’ve been to work all day and have been sweating like a pig, you need to have a shower. Don’t think you can run home, throw on a pair of jeans and rush out the door. If you’ve been that uncomfortable in the heat all day, just imagine what you’re going to smell like… and worse – taste like!

Do yourself a favour and give yourself a wash down… thoroughly!

*Have a trim if you’re wild ‘down there’!*

Look, you wouldn’t want to head south on a girl to find out she was more wild than a jungle. Girls don’t like it when we get a nose full of hair when we’re heading down south either. If it looks or feels a tad out-of-control, get things under control. Remember that you get what you give!

*Don’t get blasted drunk!*

By all means have a few drinks and have a jolly good time but to get blasted drunk could mean a complete disaster for you. If you can get it up, you won’t be able to keep it up, and even if you could, you’ve got no hope of getting to the grand finale because your plumbing doesn’t work like that when you’ve had a few too many. Plus you’ll make a tit out of yourself and no one finds that attractive.

*Don’t stay until breakfast!*

If you’ve met on a casual dating website like this one, you’re both after the same thing so don’t automatically assume that she wants you to stay so that she can make you breakfast. Unless you’ve made it plain and simple that breakfast IS on the table, just leave a note to say thanks and be on your way. She won’t be offended… She wanted a night of free and easy sex, remember?

Having A One Night Stand How To Do It Like A Pro

Let’s face it – having a one-night casual thing with an absolute hottie is right at the top of any red-blooded male’s to-do list. That deserves a high-five in the bar with your buddies. Well done to you if you’ve managed it… It’s like the unicorn. All men know that such sexual encounters exist but few men have actually experienced it. It’s like the elusive threesome…

For those that haven’t managed to climb the one-night-stand mountain yet, websites like Women Looking For Sex sure do help to make it happen. Putting red-blooded horny men in the eyesight of horny, wet and wild women just spells a recipe for success! Of course, the site can only help you so far… You will need to put a bit of effort in yourself.

So, to survive the one-night-stand journey, here are your essential need-to-know guide on doing one-night-stands like a pro!


We’ll start with you guys first. Make sure that you always have a condom in your purse and a handy little kit for the morning after the night before. Baby wipes/moistened toilet tissues/makeup remover wipes, for example, must be combined with gum and a spare fiver for the cab home. You don’t want to look like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show the morning after the night before and we all know how much makeup it takes to achieve that night-out look. Do yourself a favour. No one wants to wake up to a fright. In fact, something else to add to the list – pain killers. Your hangover is going to kill you.


Always have a condom in your wallet. It’s not just her responsibility to sort that out. Make sure that you have a few things to hand in your bathroom just in case you have a saucy sleepover with a hot babe. Baby wipes, for example, will help her out big style, as will a spare disposable razor for ‘emergencies’. Always make sure you have toilet roll if you’re taking her back to yours, and once again, juice and pain killers are a must have if you happen to choose the night to meet as a big night in a great bar.

If you want to be a real pro at this, you may want to make sure you have at least two phone chargers in your house – the universal charger for Android style phones, and an iPhone cable. She’s going to need her phone in the morning and we all know what smart phone batteries are like… They don’t last five minutes. Be the gentleman and have a phone charger to hand. She’ll thank you for it.


For both sexes, there are a few key points to remember about casually screwing someone you just met in a club or on the internet. The condom thing is something we can’t stress enough – ALWAYS CARRY A CONDOM! Sexually transmitted infections are on the up and you don’t want to be just another statistic.

You want to make sure you are being safe here too – make sure that at least one person knows where you are going or what you’re doing. this applies to both men and women too – just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean that you won’t run into a few nutters along the way.

Above all else, have fun. It will be nerve-wracking doing this casual sex thing for the first few times, but it is a lot of fun…. as you’ll soon find out! ??

Married But Bored The Truth About Women Looking For Sex

There are a lot of reasons why a certain woman would come across a website like WomenLookingForSex.co.uk. There are a whole host of reasons why young and more mature women alike are turning to the internet to get their needs fulfilled. Could it be that shopping for a good night of sex could be as easy as buying a new pair of shoes online.

Is it really as simple as sign up, window-shop, pick, then buy… as such? Maybe it is!

Some of the women that you come across on the site might be married. A lot of people frown upon women that stray outside of their marital duties but sometimes, it’s all just a bit necessary.

Take Janine, for example. She was a happily married woman with three teenage boys. She had a happy life and although her husband Roger, had been suffering with erectile dysfunction for many years and they hadn’t had sex in years, the boys kept both of them fairly busy. When all three boys left home, Janine found herself at a set of crossroads. She had a lot more free time on her hands, and because she’d had her boys pretty young, she was still relatively young herself. She wanted to enjoy the delights that life, and sex, had to offer.

She decided to join up to WLFS in a bid to find a younger guy that could accommodate her growing sexual prowess. There was no point in her husband knowing, or for the two of them to break up as they still loved each other… Who was she hurting?

There are a lot of women just like this that decide to join up to casual dating websites to find the one thing their life is missing. Take Katie as another classic example – she’s a student nurse and works in a bar in the evenings at weekends. She hates meeting drunken idiots at the bar and for once, wanted someone sober and interesting to take home to bed. She has no interest in a relationship because she’s too busy for that and to be honest, she’s not even sure she wants to settle down yet.

There are so many women out there like Janine and Katie. Rachel is another example for you – this 23 year old hottie has had one boyfriend in her lifetime. They have been together since they were 14 years old, lost their virginity together, and are currently taking a gap year, of sorts. They have decided to take a breather from each other to find out what they really want from life.

They both feel as if they need to find out what else is going on in the world, and in bed, before they settle down. Rachel has no intentions of meeting someone else for love because she already has her boyfriend for that. She just wants to experiment more – more positions, more penises, more action in more places… Luckily they understand each other. Who knows if they’ll still get back together in a year?

The women (and men) that you meet on casual dating websites are from all walks of life. You can find whatever you’re looking for because you have access to hundreds and potentially even thousands of singles, all wanting the same thing as you. Isn’t it worth finding out a bit more about?

Not All Women Are Looking For A Relationship

That’s right! The title is real – some women are just looking for NSA fun. Believe it or not, it would seem that there is a very stark contrast between what women want, and what men think they want, and the truth is more than a little surprising…

Women are earning as much money as men these days. They are working just as many hours. They are having just as active social lives. They are hitting the gym just as much. Women are living like guys in every way these days… It would seem only natural that this trend was to follow in exactly the same path for their sex lives too.

Not ALL women out there are looking for ‘the one’. They don’t all want that happy-ever-after that you think they want. They aren’t all looking for that, at all. Some women out there just want a little bit of fun. They want someone to entertain them on a Friday night when all of their other fiends have gone out and they don’t really feel like being that sociable. They are feeling horny and therefore want someone at the end of the phone that will come when commanded.

That’s what websites just like Women Looking For Sex are perfect for.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, single, looking for a one night stand, or just someone you can sleep with casually every now and again, that’s what up-for-it sex means. All the people on the site will be looking for someone else with the same idea – let’s meet up, bang the night away, and then never talk again. Or at least until next Friday night.

Come on guys – what would you rather have? A girl that you take home from the bar on a Friday night, desperately looking at you with sad, hopeful eyes the next morning? Or the girl that you agree to meet up with for no strings attached sex – the same girl that leaves before you even wake up in the morning with no phone number hastily scribbled on a napkin on the pillow next to your head.

It’s hardly a fair challenge, is it? One seriously outweighs the other by a long shot.

There are a whole ton of men and women looking for sex on websites just like WLFS! There are the married women that aren’t getting the sex they need from the husband back home, the guy that doesn’t have time for a relationship because he’s always jetting all over the world, drunk guys that are looking for something free and easy on a Friday or Saturday night after the bar, and there are even beautifully fit, 20-something hotties that just don’t want a relationship. Everyone you can think of from the weird to the wonderful.

You might not believe the testimonials or get dragged in by the hype but one thing is for sure – when you try it, you’ll believe it. There are actually ‘normal’ casual sex dating singles out there, and they are waiting for people like you!

Tips For Being A Successful NSA Dater

Right guys and girls, let’s get one things straight – NSA dating is exactly that: NO STRINGS ATTACHED dating! That doesn’t mean that you should stay around and wait for breakfast, not does it mean that you “swap numbers” and stay in touch. No, that’s not how things are supposed to happen.

So many people THINK they are ready for the world of casual sex and NSA dating but the reality of things is a little different. The next morning you look across to the date you screwed the hell outta last night and realise that if you can have great sex, you might be able to build a great relationship out of it. This goes for both sexes too – the guys are just as bad as the girls!

There are some rules that you should follow if you want to give no strings attached dating a shot… Are you ready for them?

1 – Don’t try and swap numbers!

This just makes things awkward. You WERE great in bed last night but that doesn’t mean I want to give it another shot. There are just too many fish in the sea, you know, and I don’t want to be stuck to the same fish every night. I wouldn’t have joined a casual dating website otherwise…

Don’t make things awkward – don’t try and make it more than what it was. It might have been great sex but there’s a reason behind that – it’s because it was no-holds-barred sex and things got a little crazy. If you were going to start doing it on a regular basis, it would just turn into routine. Where’s the fun in that?

2 – Always wear a condom!

Really, guys and girls, this should go without saying but there are still some out there using the usual excuses “Oh yeah, I don’t like them because it dulls the feeling” or “Sorry, I can’t. I’m allergic to latex”… There are so many brands, sizes, and types these days that there’s no excuse. If the two of you are getting physical, at least be smart enough to take the appropriate precautions.

If you don’t have a condom, nothing happens. It’s as simple as that.

3 – Don’t be a cling-on!

Don’t try and outstay your welcome. If you’re awake for hours after your new sex partner has gone to sleep, just get up, leave a ‘thank you’ note, and get yourself a cab home. What’s the point in going through the next-morning humiliation if you don’t need to?

4 – Be a clean date!

If you are going on a sex date, make the effort to go “prepared”. This means that you should shave the bits that need to be shaved, make sure certain areas get extra special cleaning attention, and just go clean. You would hate to go back to a date’s house to realise they hadn’t showered in about a week, so don’t do that to someone else.

5 – Don’t assume that meeting up means that you’ll get laid!

Sometimes the connection just isn’t there. That’s what that firs tempting is all about – figuring each other out. If you get bad vibes from someone, you’re not going to want to go to bed with them. You might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Just because you agreed to meet up doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re definitely guaranteed sex!

Whats So Wrong About Casual Sex Anyway

Did you know that there are sooooo many benefits to having sex?! According to recent studies, sex has been shown to have a positive impact on your mood, your immune system, increasing bladder control, lowering the risks of heart attack, helping you to live longer, and even counts as exercise!

The question is – are you getting enough sex?

If you asked any one group of people whether or not they were getting enough sex, most of them would answer no. Most of them except for the ones that have already dived right into the world of casual dating. You get all the benefits that sex has to offer, as well as the great sex itself, without the stress, problems or worries that come from true relationship itself.

What’s the point, we hear you cry… Well, some people don’t have time for relationships. Some people don’t want a relationship. Some people can’t be bothered with the fighting, the trying to understand, the mood swings… There are a lot of benefits to be had from casual sex, and sex in general, it would seem.

Sex, on average, burns about five calories per minute to the more often you have sex, the trimmer you are likely to be. It’s not a lot admittedly, but it is something. It bumps your heart rate right up and better than that, it gets major muscle groups working all over the body, which gives you a toning and weight loss regime all at the same time.

Because it raises up your heart rate, sex can help to make your heart healthier! Your hormone levels are kept in check and the heart is regularly given a little workout to make sure that it works in tip-top condition. In one study alone, men that were tested showed a reduction of over fifty percent when they had sex two or more times per week over those men that rarely had sex. So guys – casual sex is the way forward. Multiple experiences, lots of benefits… Everyone is a winner!

Other studies have shown direct links between more sex and lower blood pressure too. Jerking off doesn’t count, sadly.

In the past, these studies were more likely to come back that casual sex was detrimental for your health but recent studies seem to point in the other direction. Apparently casual sex is actually good for your health. This is only the case when you are in favour of casual sex… If you are already against it and aren’t a big fan of it, forcing yourself to do it probably isn’t a great thing, but if it’s something you’re thinking about, go for it!

Just as a final note, in case you needed any more persuading, there was a college study that actually showed the well-being of students INCREASED with casual sex… They actually did better in their studies, and had a better overall outlook on health. Could it be that no strings sex is the prescription we’ve all been waiting for?

Of course, you do need to be sensible when you are having sex with multiple partners, and especially strangers. There’s the risk of sexually transmitted infections like HIV and gonorrhea. Plus there’s the whole unwanted pregnancy thing. Be sensible, be safe, and always, always, always wear a condom! And above all else, have a lot of fun! ??

Women Looking For Sex Why Its NOT Wrong

Right guys – it’s time to put your hands up and finally admit that thing that you’ve been told to push to the side for so many years. It’s time to finally stand up and admit that you like casual sex. No wait, scrap that, you LOVE casual sex!

Men, it’s not a bad thing to admit. It may have been frowned upon for years but in this day and age, where sex is more open and less taboo, women are openly admitting to liking a bit of no-strings-attached fun… If it’s okay for them to admit it, it’s okay for you guys to admit it too!

If you openly enjoy casual sex, some people will still turn their noses up at it. That’s just society these days – even if you were having ‘regular’ relationships and were open enough about it, someone would have something to say. But with casual sex, the more it is becoming more socially accepted, the more and more help is at hand. And that can only be a good thing, right?

Blogging has shown a new side to openly screwing anything you like the look of. Women are now coming out and talking about the sexual experiences they are having, and when you think about it, this can only be a good thing. Most women have shown that when they reach their sexual peak in the 30’s and 40’s, their men of the same age are usually struggling or ‘past-it’ and therefore the relationship ends. When the sex ends in a relationship, things turn distant and you lose that emotional connection. When there is an outlet for that frustration, like WLFS, half the problem goes away. You’ll be emotionally fulfilled, and sexually too, and in turn that can only relate to good things back at home.

A lot of women say that casual sex is something that has help to boost their confidence, such as after a nasty breakup. They get complimented by the guys that they are casually screwing, and this helps to make them feel better. They feel desired. They feel sexy. In turn, they start to feel better about themselves and may chose to dress up for their new, one-night partners. This gets them even more compliments still… Do you see how this is a cycle of good stuff?

If girls can openly admit to having casual sex and enjoying it, there is nothing wrong with you guys standing up, putting your hands proudly in the air, and admitting the same thing. In the long run, as long as you are careful and always remember to pack some rubber, you’re not really hurting anyone.

You’re getting sexual experience which can only make you a better lover, and it’s getting all that wild-oat-sowing out the window nice and early. That’s the whole point of your single, younger years. There are a lot of women out there to enjoy yourselves with, and with the internet, the horizon has become even wider. You have access to meet some of the most beautiful and outstanding women in the world – why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to broaden your mind?

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