Girls! NSA Dating What Its All About!

No Strings Dating

Right ladies, it’s not just guys that admit to happily casually dating,and it’s about time that the women started to jump on the bandwagon and get in on the action. With more and more ladies becoming open about their wants, needs, and likes in the bedroom, it was about time that women started to live like men – both in the bedroom and out of it!

If you’re new to the world of adult NSA action, WLFS is the best website to start with. We have thousands of members for a start, and it’s easy to search too. If you don’t really want to be looking quite so close to him (for example, if you are married or just don’t want people to know what you’re getting up to), you could always set your search for a bit further away so that you can travel to your meeting point. You could always arrange to meet in the middle – more neutral ground? (Just make sure that someone knows where you are!)

There are a few pointers that will help you out in the world of NSA adult fun…. Are you ready?

Expect the unexpected!

Things will happen sometimes and you will seriously question why you are doing what you are doing. Remember that in the world of ‘regular’ dating you will have some horror stories – it’s not just adult, no-strings dates that it happens to!

Every now and again you are going to come up with a really ugly man that looks nothing like the profile pic you saw. You’ll come across tiny penises, and bent penises too. Always have an escape plan – have a friend call you at a certain time and use that as your escape. Or schedule a ‘fake call’ to happen – there are plenty of apps you can download for that.

Have some standards…

Right, how do we put this in the best way that we can… There are a lot of people on these sites. This means that there are a lot of potential matches. This means, in turn, that you can afford to be a bit picky… you know?

Don’t say yes to the first person that messages you. If you wouldn’t say yes to them in a packed nightclub on a Saturday night, don’t say yes to them now. Just because you are signed up doesn’t mean that you need to automatically say yes to any guy that dares to start up a conversation with you.

You can have standards here – you can say no to people that you don’t feel good around, or get bad vibes from. Don’t feel compelled to say yes just because you can.

Understand that THIS IS NOT A DATE

OK so technically, it is still a date but if you have met someone from WLFS and agree to meet up, don’t think about it as though it is a date. Don’t offer to take him back to yours after the night in the club for a ‘coffee’ if you’re not planning on sleeping with him. You don’t win any prizes for holding onto that golden ticket.
Don’t be a tease. If you’re meeting up and you’ve had a great time all night, don’t invite him back to yours only to kick him out again in an hour. Think about how bad that looks to him. If you’re not feeling it, tell him you’re to feeling it and end the night early. That’s all there is to it!