Case Study The 20Something NSA Files

Women Looking For Sex

We know what you’re thinking – there’s not a website like Women Looking For Sex that can be as good as they make it out to be? You may have seen the reviews and testimonials and been pleasantly surprised but still you were a bit skeptical… Is it really possible to sign up, browse, chat and meet someone that’s as up for no-strings-attached sex as you are in just a matter of hours?

Surely not?

We decided to take a closer look at the couple of the members on the site to see how they had gotten on with their NSA journey. We looked at three people – two guys and one girl. Are you ready to find out more…?

*We should warn you, things may get a little rude!*

Jessica was a 28 year old hairdresser and she had recently found herself single. Her ex cheated on her and left her with very little self confidence or esteem. Not really looking for a relationship, she was more in the ‘I need to get laid and get that asshole out of my system’ phase of the breakup… That’s where it all began!

“I went out one night with my girl-friends and met Ben. We had a few drinks together, hit it off, and he spent the night at mine. We had pretty awesome sex but didn’t swap numbers… I don’t even know his last name!”

This isn’t an isolated incident either… Once Jessica had bitten the NSA bullet, she had well and truly gotten the bug!

“I just found it easier – there was no pressure, no hassle. I wasn’t looking for love. I’m still getting over love. Sex was what I needed, and I got it! I signed up to WLFS after finding it on Google, and within half an hour of being on the site and finishing my profile, I had met a guy called FriNightFun… I don’t know his real name but we met up that night and it was EPIC!”

Samantha is another special someone that we felt deserved a little mention. She doesn’t want a relationship because she already has one, but her boyfriend works away a lot and is ALWAYS tired. Their sex life is less than exciting, if you get our drift…

She loves him and doesn’t want to give up on him because once he’s embarked on his career, things should settle down. She just wants someone to fill those Sunday night spaces where she’d normally be trying to screw him. She doesn’t want someone to spill the beans, and she definitely doesn’t want any feelings involved. She just wants sex – hot, passionate, action that’ll make her scream from the rooftops. That’s all she wants.

James is 29, soon to be 30, and admits that he is a bit of a ‘player’. He likes sleeping with women; multiple women. He doesn’t want the same girl two nights in a row and he thinks there are just too many fish in the sea right now.

He told us about the night he first joined WLFS. Within two hours of joining he had started a conversation with Natalie, and a couple of hours more, they were in a bar local to where they both lived, enjoying a few drinks. That night, they didn’t make it back to his or hers – they ended up getting wet and wild in a public park. It was a first for I’m and ticked another fantasy off his list – they haven’t seen each other since but James has told us that he’s ticked off no less than three more fantasies off the list since he’s joined the site.

That’s the thing about casual sex – you never where it might take you or what might happen. From horny nights in public parks to drunken, horny fumblings in the back of a taxi – you can get whatever it is that you are yearning for. Isn’t that worth a closer peek? ??