Guys, How To Impress Your One Night Stand In Bed Tonight!


Right, you’ve finally made the leap and joined up to WLFS. You’ve been chatting to a girl for a couple of hours and she says she likes you enough to meet up tonight… That’s where things start to get nerve-wracking, right? If this is the your first time, or your fifty-first time, it’s fine to still get butterflies in your stomach. Isn’t that what makes it all the more exciting? You never know quite what you’re going to get up to, or who you’re going to meet.

The good news is that women, in general, aren’t that difficult to impress when you have the right knowledge at your disposal. If you want to make a good impression with your potential date for one night only, take a peek at these great tips:

*Don’t go out with a loaded gun!*

Right, you’re planning on getting laid tonight. That’s the whole point of the evening, right? You know that you are going to be naked with that hot girl so the last thing you want is to come to climax too quickly. Do yourself a favour – sort yourself out before you go out on the date. Give yourself a few minutes extra in the shower, if you get my drift…

Speaking of which –

*Make sure you have a shower!*

Don’t go out with sweaty balls. If you’ve been to work all day and have been sweating like a pig, you need to have a shower. Don’t think you can run home, throw on a pair of jeans and rush out the door. If you’ve been that uncomfortable in the heat all day, just imagine what you’re going to smell like… and worse – taste like!

Do yourself a favour and give yourself a wash down… thoroughly!

*Have a trim if you’re wild ‘down there’!*

Look, you wouldn’t want to head south on a girl to find out she was more wild than a jungle. Girls don’t like it when we get a nose full of hair when we’re heading down south either. If it looks or feels a tad out-of-control, get things under control. Remember that you get what you give!

*Don’t get blasted drunk!*

By all means have a few drinks and have a jolly good time but to get blasted drunk could mean a complete disaster for you. If you can get it up, you won’t be able to keep it up, and even if you could, you’ve got no hope of getting to the grand finale because your plumbing doesn’t work like that when you’ve had a few too many. Plus you’ll make a tit out of yourself and no one finds that attractive.

*Don’t stay until breakfast!*

If you’ve met on a casual dating website like this one, you’re both after the same thing so don’t automatically assume that she wants you to stay so that she can make you breakfast. Unless you’ve made it plain and simple that breakfast IS on the table, just leave a note to say thanks and be on your way. She won’t be offended… She wanted a night of free and easy sex, remember?