What Is So Wrong About Casual Sex Anyway? Learn More!

Casual Dating
Casual Dating

If you asked any one group of people whether or not they were getting enough sex, most of them would answer no. Most of them except for the ones that have already dived right into the world of casual dating. You get all the benefits that sex has to offer, as well as the great sex itself, without the stress, problems or worries that come from true relationship itself.

What’s the point, we hear you cry… Well, some people don’t have time for relationships. Some people don’t want a relationship. Some people can’t be bothered with the fighting, the trying to understand, the mood swings… There are a lot of benefits to be had from casual sex, and sex in general, it would seem.

Sex, on average, burns about five calories per minute to the more often you have sex, the trimmer you are likely to be. It’s not a lot admittedly, but it is something. It bumps your heart rate right up and better than that, it gets major muscle groups working all over the body, which gives you a toning and weight loss regime all at the same time.

Because it raises up your heart rate, sex can help to make your heart healthier! Your hormone levels are kept in check and the heart is regularly given a little workout to make sure that it works in tip-top condition. In one study alone, men that were tested showed a reduction of over fifty percent when they had sex two or more times per week over those men that rarely had sex. So guys – casual sex is the way forward. Multiple experiences, lots of benefits… Everyone is a winner!

Other studies have shown direct links between more sex and lower blood pressure too. Jerking off doesn’t count, sadly.

In the past, these studies were more likely to come back that casual sex was detrimental for your health but recent studies seem to point in the other direction. Apparently casual sex is actually good for your health. This is only the case when you are in favour of casual sex… If you are already against it and aren’t a big fan of it, forcing yourself to do it probably isn’t a great thing, but if it’s something you’re thinking about, go for it!

Just as a final note, in case you needed any more persuading, there was a college study that actually showed the well-being of students INCREASED with casual sex… They actually did better in their studies, and had a better overall outlook on health. Could it be that no strings sex is the prescription we’ve all been waiting for?

Of course, you do need to be sensible when you are having sex with multiple partners, and especially strangers. There’s the risk of sexually transmitted infections like HIV and gonorrhea. Plus there’s the whole unwanted pregnancy thing. Be sensible, be safe, and always, always, always wear a condom! And above all else, have a lot of fun! ??