Want To Have A One Night Stand? Do It Like A Pro!

Local Hookups
Local Hookups

Let’s face it – having a one-night casual thing with an absolute hottie is right at the top of any red-blooded male’s to-do list. That deserves a high-five in the bar with your buddies. Well done to you if you’ve managed it… It’s like the unicorn. All men know that such sexual encounters exist but few men have actually experienced it. It’s like the elusive threesome…

For those that haven’t managed to climb the one-night-stand mountain yet, websites like Women Looking For Sex sure do help to make it happen. Putting red-blooded horny men in the eyesight of horny, wet and wild women just spells a recipe for success! Of course, the site can only help you so far… You will need to put a bit of effort in yourself.

So, to survive the one-night-stand journey, here are your essential need-to-know guide on doing one-night-stands like a pro!


We’ll start with you guys first. Make sure that you always have a condom in your purse and a handy little kit for the morning after the night before. Baby wipes/moistened toilet tissues/makeup remover wipes, for example, must be combined with gum and a spare fiver for the cab home. You don’t want to look like something out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show the morning after the night before and we all know how much makeup it takes to achieve that night-out look. Do yourself a favour. No one wants to wake up to a fright. In fact, something else to add to the list – pain killers. Your hangover is going to kill you.


Always have a condom in your wallet. It’s not just her responsibility to sort that out. Make sure that you have a few things to hand in your bathroom just in case you have a saucy sleepover with a hot babe. Baby wipes, for example, will help her out big style, as will a spare disposable razor for ‘emergencies’. Always make sure you have toilet roll if you’re taking her back to yours, and once again, juice and pain killers are a must have if you happen to choose the night to meet as a big night in a great bar.

If you want to be a real pro at this, you may want to make sure you have at least two phone chargers in your house – the universal charger for Android style phones, and an iPhone cable. She’s going to need her phone in the morning and we all know what smart phone batteries are like… They don’t last five minutes. Be the gentleman and have a phone charger to hand. She’ll thank you for it.


For both sexes, there are a few key points to remember about casually screwing someone you just met in a club or on the internet. The condom thing is something we can’t stress enough – ALWAYS CARRY A CONDOM! Sexually transmitted infections are on the up and you don’t want to be just another statistic.

You want to make sure you are being safe here too – make sure that at least one person knows where you are going or what you’re doing. this applies to both men and women too – just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean that you won’t run into a few nutters along the way.

Above all else, have fun. It will be nerve-wracking doing this casual sex thing for the first few times, but it is a lot of fun…. as you’ll soon find out! ??