Not All Women Are Looking For A Relationship

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That’s right! The title is real – some women are just looking for NSA fun. Believe it or not, it would seem that there is a very stark contrast between what women want, and what men think they want, and the truth is more than a little surprising…

Women are earning as much money as men these days. They are working just as many hours. They are having just as active social lives. They are hitting the gym just as much. Women are living like guys in every way these days… It would seem only natural that this trend was to follow in exactly the same path for their sex lives too.

Not ALL women out there are looking for ‘the one’. They don’t all want that happy-ever-after that you think they want. They aren’t all looking for that, at all. Some women out there just want a little bit of fun. They want someone to entertain them on a Friday night when all of their other fiends have gone out and they don’t really feel like being that sociable. They are feeling horny and therefore want someone at the end of the phone that will come when commanded.

That’s what websites just like Women Looking For Sex are perfect for.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, single, looking for a one night stand, or just someone you can sleep with casually every now and again, that’s what up-for-it sex means. All the people on the site will be looking for someone else with the same idea – let’s meet up, bang the night away, and then never talk again. Or at least until next Friday night.

Come on guys – what would you rather have? A girl that you take home from the bar on a Friday night, desperately looking at you with sad, hopeful eyes the next morning? Or the girl that you agree to meet up with for no strings attached sex – the same girl that leaves before you even wake up in the morning with no phone number hastily scribbled on a napkin on the pillow next to your head.

It’s hardly a fair challenge, is it? One seriously outweighs the other by a long shot.

There are a whole ton of men and women looking for sex on websites just like WLFS! There are the married women that aren’t getting the sex they need from the husband back home, the guy that doesn’t have time for a relationship because he’s always jetting all over the world, drunk guys that are looking for something free and easy on a Friday or Saturday night after the bar, and there are even beautifully fit, 20-something hotties that just don’t want a relationship. Everyone you can think of from the weird to the wonderful.

You might not believe the testimonials or get dragged in by the hype but one thing is for sure – when you try it, you’ll believe it. There are actually ‘normal’ casual sex dating singles out there, and they are waiting for people like you!